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Patreon's Discord integration is bad and Patreon should feel bad

by obw | 2020-08-06

I recently started supporting a few people on Patreon. The experience overall has been... not that great; the UI is slow and bloated, and the search feature isn't very good (and I really remember it not existing for a little bit, but hey).

Sqbika's Keyboard Hacking Adventure, Episode 1

by Sqbika | 2019-07-24

It started with a cool summer, er no. It was April, 19th when I ordered the keyboard. It was a Motospeed K87S tenkeyless RGB chinese keyboard. IT was good, it was white aand it was closed source. What is the first thing in one's mind? Let's hack it!

wireguard everything!

by linuxgemini | 2019-07-02

We have quite a lot of VMs on our hypervisor and we want to have direct access to those. Unfortunately, we have 3 IP addresses; we can't just assign a new IP to a VM.

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