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wireguard everything!

by linuxgemini | published 2019-07-02

We have quite a lot of VMs on our hypervisor and we want to have direct access to those. Unfortunately, we have 3 IP addresses; we can't just assign a new IP to a VM.

I on the other hand, have a lot of virtual servers scattered across Europe and I wanted to make a big network out of it. Sorta like dn42 but without BGP and such (maybe later).

We a total of 7 main nodes:

So, WireGuard time eh?

WireGuard is easy to configure, but this is madness:

Our mesh network

Someone can connect to any server, and with some masquerading rules, they can connect to any node they want, through that server.

Job done. I'll probably ramble more about this in my own blog.